Vic Tham

Vic Tham

CEO, Quantum Energy Asset Management & Portfolio Manager of QEX Fund

Vic Tham is a seasoned portfolio manager who has been in risk management, investments and compliance control for more than 30 years. He currently manages several investments in his capacity as the portfolio manager for QEX Fund SP, as the CIO of Pundi X Labs Pte. Limited and, as CEO of Quantum Energy Asset Management Pte.Limited. Prior to his current roles, Vic was the Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific for Global Transaction Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was also the former Chief Risk Officer, HK Exchange & Clearing (HKEX), and Managing Director, Operational Risk at Standard Chartered Bank.

In his career, Vic has also been involved in several large financial sector-wide projects, notably the Hong Kong government financial infrastructure project (SCEFI), the multi-billion dollar merger of the HK Stock and Futures Exchanges to HKEX, and a bank’s $750 million internal models risk project.

Vic is regarded well with strong expertise in risk management and has been a popular keynote speaker in many Risk & Compliance events. In the past few years, with his foray into Fintech, he has extended his speaking engagements to several AI and Blockchain events in countries like Hong Kong SAR, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Vic holds an MBA (Finance & Accounting) and B.Sc (Finance & MIS) from the State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA. He is also the Advisory Board Advisor for the Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science, Hong Kong University.